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Questions and Comments
left for Baba:

Will Franchesca and I ever be together?

Is my name Marcus.

will damon jordan gilbert have his permanent stay on him unlimited wishing powers to wish for anything he want with a snap of his fingers to make it real instantly yes or no?

Its im pass the drive l test so that i can drive

Should I conciously end the friendship with Kurt Herbert Hartmann in my life?

Will my wishes regarding the man I am in love with come true?

will i marry the person i wish?

Are my wishes going to come true?

Will I ever get married?

Will i become rich?

Can i succeed in my office work?

will my gross sal be incremented for the financial year 2010 - 11

i lost 50 lakhs two ladies are cheated for me she will give me back

will I get the money I need in the next day or two

Is my sisters husband in love with me?

Does David love jennifer

Will I become veronica mars?

will i get my what i want soon

i just made 3 wishes to the wishing well website and do you think they would come true.

my mom has bad luck and very little money do you think she will get very rich this week.

do you think my wishes can come true they do seem impoosible.


Can you please help us so we don\'t loose our home?

Will Nigel Benjamin Sioson love me again?

can you help us get a newish car or truck ?

will i get a job in cognizant?

Will Ken call me for a romantic date soon?

will i ever find love?

will i ever get married?

will i get an fcd in my exams

How will be my life from now onwards Iam worried

I was told that my husband is coming home this week. Is this true?

will my ex bf come back to me and marry me?

now i wished na is dat will come true...?

how many years i will live?

If I can not get answar how I can get on

will my gross sal be incremented for the year 2010 - 11 appriasal cycle

Will the death note come to me?

today i will find the reality gem?

Will daniel marry

if Baba says my wish will came true, i´m very happy!!!! because its all i want!! thank you Baba!

Will I win millions of dollars

will i ever get rid of my lazy boyfriend?

will i ever be happy?

will i every get married

will i ever be rich?

in the future i have new home and new car and beautiful girlfriend and shopstore

whether my sisters marraige will be held without the finantial problem?

Will I have a relationship with Pepijn Hauwert?

Will Mobile Bridges give me an English text chat to manage?

will dylan garham leave bruei

will I succeed in becoming a lawyer or judge?

will i get my dream job in the next 10 days

will i be lucky today

will i meat keiston bonavia within the next month

will i get elf ears by the time i graduate

Will I grow 6 iches taller within 2 months?

If I was to go buy a couple of scratch tickets would today be my lucky day to win big money?

Will I get what I want in the month of July?


Is guy coming back

Will my wishes come true by the times I ask?

Can I be a wish granter?

Am I psychic?

Thanks!I just bookmarked your page and I'm gonna visit here ALL THE TIME!

am i really part cat?

Will my three wishes from the wishing well come true for sure?

will our business be successful yes or no

can i get my transfer to kannur

Will i win lotto through magic spell.

Did I lose an opportunity for happiness by not getting married?

will i fall in love?

can i pass my class 100 exams with good marks?

Will I marry stan evans

izhar loves me

Baba:: can i buy the house

will i get a job soon

yes now my luck favours me

Will I ever be happy

yes gov job is waiting for me

will i reconcile with my husband?

Is there any possibility of me going to France and settle there forever?


will everything turn out good over my mom's funds?

is nikhils love is true me?

can i & nikhil became happy couple ?

Did all my problems has benn solve soon

Did i get the money from the unemployment funds end of this month?

does someone have a crush on me right now?

Is my husband feeling bad that i left home

kapil - future with me? yes or no

Dear Baba, will I get the job at BFLS

Baba, does Zen Milsom think of me all the time?

will i get an increment in my sal for the financial year 2011 - 12

will i have a friendship with michaela

when my shirdi sai baba answers me? when will my baba come in my dream?

is my dreams come true

what is my name

will iwork upto75

my health will permit me to work

will i have a healthy child soon

will sanju get centum in maths

will i marry amandeep

Will Mike Kaehr come back to me?

what abt my answer

Job kyare malese

this will happen for sure?

will santhosh marry me with his parents permission?

are you real?

is the man i am thinking about fantasizing about me?

is the man i am thinking about going to be my lover?

is the man i am thinking of my secret admirer?

will i be in a relationship soon?

Will I learn how to drive a car this year?

will have children?

Will I find my soulmate and get married?

did sal get married today?

will i get the desired job

Baba I am really disturbed with Prashants drinking problem will he ever change his drinking problem causing a lot of problems

Does my husband love Devaki a lot?

Does my husband think he should not have accused me wrongly?

will i get success in my ivf treatment

Dose Jose Alberto Saldana like me?

Will Jose Alberto Saldana fall in love with me?

Am I going to be justin biebers girlfriend

Baba can i get this job now

will shakeel get his temporary residents visa for canada?

I have got experance of 1 year &6 month\'s

Within May 22 will my marriage be fixed

Baba when will i get the premant job please tell to me

I need help with me life I have know idea were is my life right now

Am i a girl

Can i win the lottery jackpot soon

I will be alright from now

Can i get property which is in court

can i get permenant job


Do some miracle so that I can get rid of this dicese

can i get a permenant job

When will i get the knowledge and from whom


will jax and i get back together again?

Will Jagdeep Singh Saini aka Jax, marry me and call me on Feb 22 2011 tuesday?

are you really true believer

will I be rich some day

will I be haooy some day

will I win some day alot of money in the casino

will he marry me

will he Ping me

Please tell me if my husband is faithful

will liz ever want me back

will i always be happily married

will i be successful in my career

Is the world gonna end in 2012?

will the mobile be found

Will Bollywood Actress,Celina Jaitly marry Padmbhushan Gupta?

will mark and i become lovers this spring

will i get sidhi today


a secret wish , will it be granted

means my wish will be granted

will I get approved for my section 8 housing program

do i have super powers

Whether I would be able to get peace of mind

Will I get Government Job?

will my wishes come true

will my inlaws stay away from us?

does tristan pickering like me

will i be able to getback my ex lover?

job by 15 feb

Will I receive financial abundance soon!I mean win really big bucks!!

I will meet my soulmate in two or three months

my mom will finally speak to kit

new job offer will come my way soon?

meeting soul mate soon

receiving money soon

I will receive free dental help with my teeth

summer camp awesome

Will I be getting married in the month of feb 2011

Will melissa get fired for breaching confidentiality agreement

shoul i go back to india before 21st jan

Does Sal Alladeen love me?

will i win the lottery?

will dino be coming back to me soon

will i be pretty and popular and everything i wished for?

Will I ever get the ability to shrink down to 1 inch tall and grow back to original height

Will I get Angel Wings on my back and a Halo over my head?

Will all the wishes I ever mad come true?

will my wish come true?

am i sexy

is taha mine

the change how to meet





will i find my girlfriend

am i immortal

does marnely like me

will my wishes come true

is the wourld ending in 2012

Does he still love me, deep inside?

will my luck change in the year 2011?

are my wishes coming true?

will I find love next year?

can i time travel for real

who are you?

am i a women?

when will I see my son Bradley

am i going to turn into a real mermaid in 15 minuets with powers that i have chosen.

will i win a loto?

does my mum love me

will the people who live in the same block of flats as me accept me and like me one day

I do not want to be hexed

will christine my son zac's adoptive parent tell zac one day that he has now got two mums, one being a birth mum and the other being a step mum.

baba i told you that i did not say anything bad about him and can you talk to him andand realise that i did not do anything to spoil his reputation . Are you going to help me or not

will anusha say yes to marry me

will anusha call me for the reunion of ours by 25th december 2010 ( christmas day )

will i get job

i want anusha to be back with me as before , by 25th december 2010

is the client call will click is i get d job

Will Sai Baba grant me my wish

Will Sai baba show himeself to be a true God by granting my wish

will i get a job now

will i get a place at north halifax grammar school for a sixth form ?

does jeremy want to be with me

is jeremy going to send me a message

will anusha be mine and loving me as before by 31st december 2010 ?

will anusha and i be together as a couple loving each other before 31st december 2010.....?????

will i get 80+ percentage in next sem??

is my daddys soul resting in peace

will i get married in 2011

will i be a rich person ?

meri shadi moon se ho g ys nahi?

Will I be normal again

should i worry about my wish

should i do a spell tonight or should i wait

why do you hex me

am i beautiful?

will i be a doctor

Will my second daughter get a baby?

Will my second daughter get married again and be happy?

Will my husband and I settle with my children in the US?

can you help me please

baba can you help me with my wishes come true plz

am i gonna win the lottery and my wishes are they gonna come

Baba what do you mean with incinerating act fast

my husband and my son now come with me

can i become a rich man

can i return my whole loan

can i get any good job

can i get any girlfriend in australia

can i passs in ielts test

baba i want to know about surajit\'s job ? when he will get the good job

will I get legally or personally seperated from my wife

is dr. jayarami reddy cheating me

will my skin disease be cured?

heating and lighting systems

can you do real time travel

my futurewill be good

will we be buying a different house within the next two years?

will the book and movie deal be for over one million dollars?

will I have a book deal soon?

Will i have the wealth to live a peaceful life?

when i get marry?

my boyfriend love me?

when i get marry?with whome?

my boyfriend love another girl?

my present boyfriend is my future husband

does sumeet has another girl in life

Nenu Anwar malli kalisi mamuluga untama?

will me and my husband find a work in the same place ?

is there any thing wrong if I ask this question ?

will i marry the person whom i love

i want to become a doctor,can i?

will i ever have sex

Will pavitra do good in today\'s exam

Will pavitra get the rakshai today that she has lost?

i need to know if i will pass my exams in january 2011

can i get any good job

can i get a car

in australia can i make any girlfiend

next year can i married

my father take the loan before couple of years now my father return that money or not can my father return his loan

Om shree saguru saibaba : I pray to you for the following

Improvement in my mother\'s health

My pregnancy at the earliest

My brother in law\'s marriage at the earliest

My mother laws health

Finical improvement and peace of mind

My brother in law health come to normal.We want him to be with us after my mother in law peropids

do i will meet the one in my mind ?

will i get a jackpot?

where will i buy a home?

Dear Sir,will I ever get married?

Dear Sir,will I ever be a graduate?

i am Shaista.Will my paintings get sale today?

When will I get a job?

does Samantha Pike care and love me as if she legally adopted me?

does Samantha Pike really love and care about me?

Does Samantha Pike really love and care about me as she has told me so many times?

my broken right hand will recovered and became normal person

Will I make a potion

Will I. Get a pet bird

when my health problem will be solved and when my health restored and lead a peacefu lifel

Will I ever make lots of money making quilts? That is what I love to do . Some people make thousands making quilts. I want to travel and make quilts? Will I get to do that?

Will i be able to grow angel wings?

Am I going to get positive news from a book publisher about my stories.

please baba,y wont u tell me my answer?

will i be re-united with my friend?please

should i resign now

Am I gay?

on which project i should concentrate now?

when can i expect salary hike?

may i know when can i come out of the financial problems pls

is it wise to move away from here?

can i get the loan approve

Will alex call me this month and tell me he loves me

will i ever be an actor

will we ever win some money

will my grandmothers husband ever call her

baba will akankhya marry me.

will my son every find peace with

will my mom leave me anything

Am I going to be a famous and successful writer.

Will a traditional book publisher accept my stories for publication soon.

Will my wish list come true.

Will I get a positive answer from the book publishers who are reviewing my stories

Is my husband happy that I go back and share his bed.

Will Nahed know that Tashia was wrong to expect me to stay back?

What does suzy think that iam right?

Baba let Nahed know what is right?

Does nahed think that Tashia is right?

Baba let Nahed know what is right and wrong? please

Does Nahed appreciate my work?

I need grace of lord.

Will i get through the exam this time

Will i ever die

Will the judge rule in my favour when we go to court.

Will a traditional book publisher accept my stories for publication soon.

Will rv and I love and cherish each other till we die

am i married

will bhaiya be released

will yesterday sirmayar taken test yesterday

will i get above 80% markes in matric

will i get good job

rajan shivani ko kya success milegi aur unki family badegi

will i win the big lotto or powerball game in november 2010

Will I get a promotion in April?

My daughter studies well

does this wishes come true in real life

does this wishes come true in real life

will i met with obaid aziz

will i become a doctor

are these real life wishes

does this wishes come true in real life

please baba it the only thing i want back

will i ever have a girl freind

will you make me taller than yesinia

will god grant my pokemon wish

listen my labtop was stole in april the 26th can you give me a time machine so i can stop the person who did so i can get to the labtop before they do please baba

will i get married when im grown

will i ever get tall

will i ever have a girl freind white

will my health be alright soon- nagesh

will this relationship continue

what is the future of our relationship

the relation between me & JD can be possible

When i will be billioner?

I want to be closer to my mom, sister, her family and my loving grandma...pls make that happen

can you give me lotto combination number that is sure to win??

will i win lotto if i buy lotto tickets today??

Will my husband Suresh get a very good job in canada this week?

Do we get a second child in 2011?

Will I meet the doctor ?


am very tense about m problem plz tel me wat should i do

can u give me a mantra so i can be successful soon?

what r the possibilities

will my wishes become true

when i will get rid of my financial problems i have too much

does she like me

Im ralph arveen cabigon 22 years old and from philippines,i want to ask,is my friend joh remer montero has a screte to me?if it is true whats there screte to me?

will i have my own business?

will i pass civil services exam 2010?

will my dream come true

will i be migrating soon

Is Robbie Daniel Rohr part demon

will my legal problem over tenenacy get solved

I am facing problem from teneant who vacated our premises and damaged it and also not handed over keys will my problem be solved

why is baba shocked and alarmed?

can i win magnum4djackpot by this week?

Dear Sir,will I build a house?

Dear Sir,will I ever meet the love of my life?

Is it possible to transform a male into a female yes or no

Will Pavitra pass her Road test on Thursday October 7, 2010 and get her driver\'s licence?

Dear Sir,will I be a minister in a JDS ministry in Karnataka?

Dear Sir,will I ever get married?

Dear Sir,will I ever meet my life partner?

Dear Sir,will I ever become a Doctor?

Dear Sir,will I ever become a politician?

Dear Sir,will I ever become an Engineer?

Dear Sir,will I ever become a Minister in Karnataka?

Dear Sir,if the political party called JDS comes to power in the state of Karnataka will I become a Minister?

Dear Sir,will I be married by the end of this year?

Dear Sir,will I ever become a Doctor?

I want to pursue my masters. past 3 yrs i am trying but it is dragging. can i do it this time.

Dear Sir,will I ever get married?

Dear Baba,will I get married this year?

Dear Baba!! I am so interested in learning english language, which tips shall I follo to have a better english,I mean to be able to speak suconsciously and intuiatively, thanks in advance

will i travel to shirdi

will i get married I have no experience to share it with anybody sir I am terrebily sorry about this.

we invested a huge amont of money in a lottery game will we get our money back?

Dear Sir will I ever get to be a Minister in a Karnataka Government?

Dear Sir will I ever get married?

ar Sir will I ever get to meet my nursery classmates?

Dear Sir will I ever get to be a doctor?

will I join Bechtel?

Do I currently have cancer?

sai baba love me

shridi sai baba love me

can i wear rutraj mala...now

will i get job soon

will i get a girfriend

will my family every get rich

will my wishes come true

will i marry anirudh

can you make my wish come true robert

i like to be your friend

will i find love someday?

will my wish come true

will nick jonas come to my house and want to have me

if i will get a better job this month

if i get money for my valuable job

when i get my life partner

will i ever learn driving

when will my salary increase?

i am having one friend ,is trustworthy?

when i solve all my broblem?

when will be my salary increse

when i get my life prtner?

Will my boyfriend leave his wife for me?

will i be Cho Kyuhyun stepsister?

will 8850 will appear as 2nd runner up in magnum4d tonight?

Will I get married?

does hugh miss me

will hugh contact me

will he contact me

baba..my name is veenita reddy...i love a boy named jitendra prasad. from few days he is not talking to me. does he miss me the way i miss him. will he com back to me?

Will you come to Singapore? This is Eugene Tan Ong Siong

can i achive my goals

Will I ever find myself a life partner?

Will I get married?

Will I get myself a beautiful wife?

Will I get myself a loving wife?

shall i get marry this year ?

shall i get ojs this time ?

shall i pass in the exam ?

Will i get a happy married life that is good life partner and good children. When it will happen.

Will Christopher & Debora employ me to setup a Software Development Company

will my husband come home soon

why am i always treated badly by my elder daughter

will i get a good mark for my essay

can california astrology help

can i get help through spellcasters

would a retrieve a lover spell work for me

does my ex boyfriends dad still like me if i were to be back with his son

can i do anything to help the current situation

will emailing my ex help the situation

are me and my ex soul mates

will spells get my ex back

will me and my recent ex get back together

Will i marry gareth mellor

will i become wealthy

will i find my soul mate soon

when will i becqme wealthy

wtll my friend carolia be my spouse

will i marry my ex


can i fly

should I move to the rear portion[back] of the flat

will my husband clear all his debts soon

Will I meet prince Darien?

Will I meet Inuyasha?

Wll I meet Edward Cullen

how do i resolve this

Am I going to have the adventure that I\'ve been wishing for?

Am I going to be a normal human?

Am I going to have unreal adventures

Am I going to meet Inuyasha?

am i going to become a wwe wrestler when i grow up

will i start my residency in obg next year

baba,will i get 99% in step 1

will i be able to go to shirdi in september

whether we will go to india by august 20th

will i start obg residency in 2011

will Ram have his job in us were he is working

will i get a new partner

did philip perrin cheat on me

does philip perrin love me

Turn me into a gothic female please

i want the answer

do I get a job at IFHE, Hyderabad?

Shall I enroll myself for Dravidian University Ph.D

wil Ram be able to work after 8 aug

will I get a job as a babysitter for areasonable salary

will my second son-in-law find a suitable job and stay in it for ever and become aliitle extrovert

will my husband clear all debts and buy a nice house

will nanette ever love me again?

Will nanette answer my last email?

Did Nanette ever love me?

Will NSG and I still be friends a year from now?

will i get married to the love of my life..?

when will i get married

Will I go to mumbai

n i please fall in love with a man before i get married to him

i couldnt understand the answer

will srilakshmi and i ever marry

Will my wish for beauty come true

Will I wale up early and do the finsenly the spell

Will I wale up early tommarer

Will pavitra get permanent posting with present co?

Will pavitra get married to Vikram?

Will i get job in hospital?

will my husband be my strong supporter

how about my girl venesha kumar

do I get the job at ifhe?

Will my wish for beauty be granted

Will my wish for beauty come teue

thank you baba, I understood that we will have kids soon.thank you

baba will we have children soon ?

mere papa ka case kab sucess payga koe unko sifarish milege baba

what will happen to anna univ admissions

Will Ganesh win both the cases against Hetal & Kuldeep ?

You didn\'t answer my question

Will my wish come true on the magic wishing well

will I get a Job in Omnitech ?

will i get a job soon

will i get admission with aid

will my in-laws stay with us

will i win the lottery

will i make love to vanessa ?

will i find the man of my dreams

Unlikely as quack not smoking the crackpipe or liking crack and pipe?

Why did you just try to hex me, you embesile?

Don\'t you know no good?

Wa,wa wa Baba!

Will your website survive these hard times?

Was that an answer?

Are you afraid of the dark?

It\'s not a request, it\'s a question El Stupido

You are crazy, no?

Will I here from my girl on Craigslist?

Why do you say this? Are you gay?

Will I ever get f*****?

Do you get a lot of \"f*** you\'s \" and whatnot?

Are you playing with me?

Are you a crackhead?

Will I be a successful businesswoman?

Are you a quack?

Will someone in my family die in the next few months?

So...should I make the changes needed before I put myself out there and get famous?

Should I make a change physically before becoming famous?

Will the 3 wishes that I made on this site soon come true?

Ummm, what was my question, Baba?

will i go grocery shopping today?

will i receive the jinn today

baba my brother will win cort for case for the divource

will my house come soon

am i going to win in my deal

baba you are not straight

the result is going to reveal tomarrow what is the use of waiting for 36 hrs

baba plz reveal the result of supriya

tomarrow the result of supriya will be positive or not

supriya will pass or not

supriya. mogiligidda is going to pass in tomarrow result

will my husband get a good job?

shall i take the asst executive job

Will my day go good tomorrow?

will i get admission in m.pharm this year in my choice of college in my choice of subject

Will I win the powerball jackpot on June 19, 2010?

Will Pavitra and Vikram like each other? and marry?

Will I win the Powerball Jackpot tonight, June 16, 2010?

Will pavitra and Vikram start talking on skype?

Will Pavitra and Vikram get married?

Will I be able to afford to move away from my abusive husband?

will i join wipro

is stansfield a good place for me

will i do well career wise

can i reach 40

is felix a. thinking about me?

is someone thinking about me now?

when will i get pregnant?

shall i contact him ?

when is shelina getting married

is camilla going to get a job this year

any wedding for my daughter this tyear

Will I get the job at stx Europe?

bruhathi ni pampana india vodda?

Will Bollywood Actress,Celina marry Padmbhushan Gupta?

Will Bollywood Actress,Celina marry Padmbhushan Gupta?

want to know if anthony feels the same way i feel about him

don\'t understand the answer to my question

will he contact me again?

will i hear from anthony again?

should i go to the park

is my name Neha

Will I pass the EU exam which I took today Baba?

will i get a good job with a handsome salary

can i get great concentration

can i get what i want

will i get nit warangal

will i become ias officer next year?

is f.a. obsessed with me?

is f.a. in love with me?

is f.a. possessive with me?

Will the department let me go at 3

who is GOD? how can i see him?

how many kids will come into our family?

when is my marriage

will i have to rent a property

is my house sale goinin though

thanks.could i wish for it .

will i have a big win on the lottry

I didn't ask a question, and he already answered.

Will Bryan and I stay together, happily in love, for the rest of our lives?

Will I win the Powerball jackpot by June 30, 2010?

back in zambia next month

will i ever become an actress?

can robert joseph camerons fence and deck business will be successful?

Will Gilles leave Christiane for me

will fahad ever love me again

i have not experience any of work such as good luck,success,promotion and protection becouse am a new person.

i have not experience any of your work, am new expecting a miracle from your work concerning what have complained such as good luck,success,promotion and protectin.

yes, what can i do to have goodluck,success and protection?i need help

will rinti come back?

will my love come back?

will my love call me and come back to me?

will i get married to the guy whom i luv now?

will i become ias in next year?

Am I going to continue here

Is it no good to work for vivekananda

Helped me a little

Will I get my lg cosmos Or any cell phone

Will my parents every let me have a phone

Will I get my lg cosmos

Will I pass my accuplacer test

not a good one!

i get a govt job? Will my parents accept Mike as my husband?




Then how about my talking tot he Principal tomorrow

Am I getting the job at Gem Academy with attractive pay

My Experience is the dream that would turn real.

Will I get nick cupples back as my man.

will I get to be with nick cupples again?

will i go to germany from iceland this summer

will i find my life partner in Iceland

will i stay here in Iceland

will i have permission to stay in Europe will i be prosper in life will i find myself a nice wife soon will i go to canada will i have a permission to stay europe

will i go to canada

Will we become life partners

will he come back to me

Baba, will I be doing my Ph.D.

Will I get a better job elsewhwere this academic year

Baba, Will Sai clear all his papers in the current inter exam

Will I continue KSR CAS

will i live for a longer time

will Dr.Kannan continue another year as a principal of KSR college.

will i get increment next year

will i shift my place of work next academic year

will i become richer next year

are there enemies in my work place? how long shall i continue in my present work place

am i going to work here or shall i go somewhere else?

Will Colten Nelson tell me he likes me on Monday, April 12th, 2010?

have i nice future

baba will i be cured of my knee pain

wwill i be cured

can i start travel business

is bosco going to marry me

will i pass my barrister exam this year?

will i get a boyfriend in high school?

will i meet adam lambert this year?

does Will (a guy from work) want me sexually?

will my 1st wish i made be granted(the adam one)?

how long should i get my three wishes days months or years

how long should i get my three wishes i made right now

the present problem will be solved or not?

Baba will I get a promotion this year ?

Baba give me right sense

how long will my motherinlaw will torture me and cannot tolerate her any more she hurts me alot

how long will meerabai will torture me

Will I find my true love in a year?

Will my ex-husband continue to get visitations with my daughter?

How old do I get my first kid

will satvik get a seat in GIIS?

i cannot understand baba?

Will I marry?

Will satvik get into GIIS?

will i become a crorepati

Will my husband cherish in his job?

Will my kids study well?

Will I get a job?

Will We go to Pune in April end?

Will vikrams horoscope match?

Will Pavitra get a intern job in May 2010?

Will my daughter Pavitra get an Intern job from May 2010 to August 2010?

would ambika and i start our relationship soon

will I get an ok for my singapore job on monday

nenu devuni daggariki yeppudu veltaanu?

naaku government job vastundaa? yevariki ye problem lekundaa , andaru happy gaa vundelaa, naaku manchi government job vastunda?nammochaa?

rajaki yemaindi,yenduku alaa jarigindi?

vaadu mallee pudataada?Allah daggare vunnaadaa?

where is raja, my brother?


When will the pain go away from the loss of my best friend buddt?


ok fine how is my dog doing

Just need to know if my dog suffered before he passed away

Does my dog Buddy miss me as much as i miss him?

job gurinchi em cheyamantav?

I wish not to get bully to my classmate's, when grade 2 starts. Also i wanna go to Never land. ~ A girl who belive Magic ~

who are you?



Will I ever get married?

i love one guy i want that guy back in my life i am very about my marriage what will i do which month i get married i want to no the date my parents are also very worrried my birth date is 13,04,1983 time exactly i dont no at morning 4ocloctto6oclock

would I get placed in Broadridge?

Will Albert and I be in love and together again

will i go to overseas to study

Can i change my hsc results by doin magic on full moon

can i get As for my exam this time

will Naveen come for me and marry me

will my first impossible wish ever come true on march 16,2010 at 12:00am while i am awake or asleep?


if i wished to have powers to grant my unlimited wishes,unlimited magic powers
ESP abilities, psychic powers, psychic abilities,superpowers of super strength,
super speed,super hearing, super smell, super sense and etc., will it come true on March 16,2010?

will my first impossible wish will come true on March 16,2010?

will my first wish will come true on March 16,2010 at 12:00AM?

will i get success in bhuteshwari sadhana ? yes or no

will i get success in bhuteshwari sadhana which i will start from 9th march 2010 ?

why didnt it happen this time too ?

pls i beg you can you make me rich

pls i beg you can you make me rich i need money

money spell love spell pls help me

pls i beg you can you make me rich

pls i beg you tell what you can do pls

pls i beg you can you help me to win lottery www. money ball.com pls can you help me pls i beg you

pls my name is anitta and i need your help pls can you help me and let my boy friend send me 120 thousand u.s to use some to buy a house i dont have a stay to pls can you let him send me the money in two day pls help me i need your help pls reply thanks alot

will i get govt job

when will i conceive

Will I meet my soulmate through internet dating?

Will I meet my soulmate soon?

Will I get my love ?

Will I will be able to achieve what I am planning to do ?

As in other religions eating flesh is not considered as a sin then why is this a sin in hinu relegion?

What kind of answer is this?

i am not satisfied with the answer

will i get married to chaitanya

m i gal

i am eritating baba

should i tell my brother to start poceedings

will i get suceed in what i am planning to do

how my education will be proceed

r u really a baba

will mittal call me

will mittal call me this week

will we be out of debt soon?

Wil I work for the. Chevron in houston texas

Does shannon truly love me only

Wil shannon be mine husband

Wil I get the usa legal papers soon

how will family life will go

will all my wishes on Real Wishes come true?

are you for real?

is f.a. possessive of me?

is f.a. insanely jealous of me?

will i be in a romantic relationship with f.a. soon?

baba g please help me i m in confusion , meri studies nahi ho rahi

Will I very find my true love and be happy?

do i recover all my financial problem with in 3 months of 2010

will i get a job later in life

will i get a job

will i be happy ever

am i going to get a raise soon

will i get a vehicle in the next 2 weeks

is he staying this time

will I be getting job in ebt instituions

will dr chidambaram continue during the next semester

am i gonna make wishes and they cometrue

am i lucky enough to make wishes cometrue by wishing

am i gonna be able to grow 6ft8

am i gonna be rich with money

i wish you can grant me a wish i wish i can make wishes cometrue anything i wish for

am i stronger than you

I am strong

will i be able to make wishes cometrue

Will Tony and I get married?

it was cool

will my friend julianne payumo get a boyfriend soon?

Will i become an amazing actress?

Will Andy Sixx and his girlfriend Scout stay together?

Is my mom my real mother?

Am i a girl?

Will my wishes that i made come true?

Am i a boy?

does god exist?

what will happen to earth?

will i ever get all of my three impossible wishes to come true before I go back to school on wednesday, january 19?

will my mom ever remarry to someone?

will my friend julianne payumo fall in love again?

Will I get married?

Am I pregnant?

Will the man I recently had sex with ever make a commitment to me or my child?

Ask_Baba:: is my sister pregnant?

Ask_Baba:: please answer me

Ask_Baba:: do you think i will find my soulmate this year?

Ask_Baba:: will i get married this year?

Ask_Baba:: will i meet my true love soon?

Ask_Baba:: are you real?


Will I ever meet Ronny again?

Will Indian Actress,Celina Jaitly marry Padmbhushan Gupta?

Will Indian Actress,Celina Jaitly marry Padmbhushan Gupta?

You are quite comical!

I needed that laugh! Thanks!

You are hilarious! My sides are hurting!!

Will any of the wishes I\'ve made come true?

Will Kenny beable to come up tomorrow?

Does Kenny Crockett love me?

will i get what i like

can fairy tales actually come true? can we go ahead buying a new house at Sahana

can we go ahead buying a new house at Sahana

Will saiish be condoned to matric

Will Mr Webber pass Saiish


will the problem with business partners dissapear

will be have to pay business partners the money back

will business partners leave us alone

Will i lose 45 lbs in 3 months

will my husband come out of depression today

Will my UPS Store sell this year

not helpful


i wish i get my love back. i wish he calls me very soon

will i get my lost love back

thnx baba

will i achieve the one i am thinking?

will i work with Pastor R.M.G. in the ministry in the near future?

is f.a. thinking about me now?

will i receive a friendly and personal e-mail from Pastor R.M.G. sometime this week?

will f.a. become my obsessive, possessive and jealous lover, friend and more for always?

Will I ever be a good driver?

Will I ever be rich?

baba naaku ubs proj vastunda leda?

does jon andre love me?

Did Jeff love me?

Does Jeff think one day we could try our relationship again?

Does Jeff miss me?

does juan g. intrested in me the way im intrested in him

I am Rajesh Patel working with institute of rural management anand, please tell me about my future

how long irma willsafe

are my friends ok with me me after yesterday's drinking that i did

is it a good decision to buy the oberoi property

are my friends upset with me after yesterday

will my friends be ok with me

will jose ever talk to me?

do people think i am good at guitar

Are you magic genie can you grant wishes and make them reality

will i get a hot girlfriend at the end of the year

does Kristen Bowman want to go out with me

Is my magic power ring on my shelf?

my brother family did not attand our family function please guide

will shresth talk to me again?

change or not

move out from delaware or not

will i get a job this month?

willi get a job this year?

will i marry manojkumar?

did those kids hear and remember everything we said lastnight

is he going to move on from me soon

does ruben really like me as a person and friend

will i get a job in next 10days in usa is dwight my true love

will johnny be out of our lives soon and a straight answer

will johnny ever get caught soon with his crazy drunk driving

ok on sunday i will have it.

do we have a male baby this time?

are my pimples caused by my stress and worry

am i crazy

does ruben realy like me

can i make it go away

is Gabriel jacob\'s father

is tony jacob\'s father

will i be succesful

will i pass the GED tests

will i get my ged soon

will my pimples go away

will i be with juan a. when he gets out of prison

am i beatiful

am i attractive to others

will i lose weight

i want to konow about my answer?

i want my mom to puchase me a ouija board at toys \'\'R\'\' us?

wtf hes pretty funny

how was your day

will my wishes come true

are my pimples going to stay

do you know my name, if so what is it?

will my pimples go away

did desiree get off probation today

Will I be successful in being hired by Brendan Vacations?

What does the future hold?



Do you believe that anyone can have the power to use magic?

Do you believe in magic?

How do I get my wish to come true?

Can you help me?

Why don't you give me clear answers?

Should I believe in this?

Will my wishes come true?

Do you even care about people?

Robert Love Me

Does Edward Love Me?

Will any of the people I fall in love with ever love me back?

I'm sad all the time. Half the time I'm depressed and half the time I just want to die.
Please just help me turn my life around.
Im putting all my trust in you. Your all I have.
There's no one else. Please Baba rae Saba, help me. Trust in me.

Is there a way to start my whole life over?

Is there a way for me to go back in time?

Please, Is there any way for me to make a few simple wishes?

I need your help. I know you have what I need. Please just trust me.

What should I do?

Can you help me?

Is there a way to start my whole life over?

Is there a way for me to go back in time?

would i winn the power ball lottery

Is this real?

am i a vampire?

am i now a vampire?

am i a real vampire?

will my hair grow 16 inches soon?

I hope my wishes I made on here will come true

will my hair grow 16 inches? Who am I?


do i have the ability to alter a womens body whose between the ages of 18-40 to give her the body measurement of 36 26 36 just by thinking new body when i see her

will moms money c ome tomorrow

will steve get his stuff back 2 nite

is go genie.com a real wishing site?

Will we go to the beach Labor Day weekend?

Will JS and I ever see one another in person again?

will the wishes i made on the real-wishes.com will they come true

will i have a good life in the future

is chris fazio going to text email or call angel gill tonight before 12?

Will JS and I ever kiss each other again?

Does JS still love me?

does he still love me?

will we go to cedar point in several days time?

does emma cummins like me

will we ever meet in person again?

WILL it come true?

will my boyfriend hate his college?

do u believe our wishes will be granted soon

will amy ever get rid of that trouble in her life that she cannot take nomore the abuser

will I lose the weight I want to and look and feel better

will a large sum of money be coming into my life soon

this man that was having me sent counterfeit money orders that come on a dating site will he be leaving me alone soon he just wants me to sell my house I think to give him money

will we the house

is johnny gonna leave me alone or get lost somewhere far and never return.

does martin still love me

will someone grant my three wishes

will catherine come back into my life

are my abilities fixing to grow really stronger where I can help alot

will I have peace in my home soon with the problem that is here now gone for good out of my life

will I finally have peace at my home and in my mine for my daughters problem boyfriend to be out of my life forgood very soon

will my daughter amy find a new love good for her very soon

will my fun and harmless wishes come true?

will i be rich and famous?

Am I gonna see GOD

will johnny quit worring me I do not want him in my home he is trouble

Are there any Unicorns out there?

will i get back the friends i have lost or have never talked to in a while?

will i get a chance to earn a spot in mercy high school\'s dance ensemble 2009-2010?

will ms. janine nolfi send me a note during homeroom telling me that she has 1 spot left for me in the dance ensemble and for me to be in the dance ensemble without being on understudy?

will i be able to see Chris Ritona, jassmine yumul and bryan eglan again soon?

will i do good on my next test?

will sally tran be nice to be and become my friend?

does rebecca like me in a sexual way?

will i ever become a girl

will i ever play in an NBA game

will i ever be in an NBA starting line up

will amy find her keys are somebody to get her home in her van now fast

that is not nice me worrying to deaf if she will make it out of this very bad neiborhood and home safely in her van and u will not tell get real


now how can I give u a headache just asked a question if amy would make it home safely in her van tonite

he love me